Political Insight, Analysis & Counsel

ReadDillon - Political Insight, Analysis & Advice

Tim Hughes briefing Barack Obama on
African issues

As highly experienced political advisors, ReadDillon creates bespoke political engagement programmes, so that clients can convey their messages in the most effective and impactful way to politicians, civil servants and journalists.  Our insights are founded on many years of accumulated high-level political involvement and operating at the most senior executive levels.

Reputation Management

ReadDillon - International Media

John Read on the media trail with Tony Blair

The broadcast, print and digital media play a pivotal role in shaping a reputation, and ReadDillon has extensive experience of devising and running major national and international media campaigns. These are designed to build/protect a strong corporate reputation or, alternatively, aimed at changing or reinforcing public opinion about an issue, brand or country.

Election Campaigns

ReadDillon - Election Campaigns

ReadDillon has a hugely experienced election campaign team and, amongst others, we have run campaigns for the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats in Britain, and also a very prominent member of a royal family in the Middle East. We adapt our proven campaigning techniques to take account of local culture and conditions, and we understand how to maximise the chances of winning.

Message Creation & Development

ReadDillon - Message Creation & Development

Your message needs to be clear, incisive and compelling. ReadDillon will help you develop messaging that connects with, and engages, your consumers, the media, politicians and other crucial stakeholders. We work with clients to create a persuasive story that has resonance, credibility and reflects how your organisation wants to be seen by the outside world.

Issues & Crisis Management

ReadDillon - Issues & Crisis Management

ReadDillon will help you prepare and plan for a major ‘foreseen’ issue (eg. plant/office closure, or a critical parliamentary report) and, in particular, its media and political implications. In addition, we provide a comprehensive crisis management service, helping clients to deal with sensitive, controversial and unexpected situations that have the capacity to seriously undermine stakeholder confidence if not handled well.

Business Risk Analysis

ReadDillon - Business Risk Analysis

Increasingly, international companies are looking towards Africa’s growing markets for expansion. In addition, there is global demand for, and competition over, natural resources such as oil, gas, cobalt, uranium, manganese, gold and diamonds, all of which are abundant on the African continent. However, many of Africa’s 54 countries have unstable political, regulatory and legal frameworks that expose companies to even greater business risk. ReadDillon helps clients quantify and mitigate this risk, and provides a hard-nosed assessment of inward investment opportunities and threats.

Stakeholder Engagement

ReadDillon - Stakeholder Engagement

Being in touch with your market means being in touch with the people who will shape and influence its future: consumer groups, non-governmental organisations, the media, academics and politicians. ReadDillon can help you map and prioritise the full spectrum of your stakeholders, and then advise on the most effective communication channels for each of your core stakeholder groups.

Foreign Direct Investment

ReadDillon - Inward Investment Programmes

We help African business organisations and governments to undertake investment missions to countries such as Britain and the UAE, in order to make a powerful case for foreign direct investment (FDI). This involves creating a programme of meetings/events with decision-makers (industrialists, politicians and civil servants), and key influencers (‘Think Tanks’, journalists and academics).

Media Training

ReadDillon - Media Training

Strong communication skills are essential for senior executives in any organisation to convey key messages to their array of stakeholders. ReadDillon can help ensure your voice is heard by the right audiences, in the most convincing way. We do this by coaching you in presenting skills, television and radio interview techniques and message development.

CSR Consultancy & Activation

ReadDillon - Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, it is increasingly acknowledged that businesses affect the world through not only what they avoid doing, but also through what they choose to do when it comes to environmental and social issues - actions that, in turn, can influence business performance. ReadDillon helps companies create an appropriate strategic framework for their CSR activity, and then an effective activation plan.