ReadDillon has been heavily involved in running the leading national campaign against HS2

May 1, 2014

HS2 Action Alliance

HS2 has a woeful business case and will cost over £75 billion to build – over £3,000 for every household in Britain.

There is no doubt Britain’s transport infrastructure needs upgrading, but a high speed line between Manchester and London is totally unnecessary, as the West Coast Mainline only operates at 52% during peak time.

There is plenty of spare capacity. HS2 is a political vanity project of the worst order, and in the latest opinion poll was opposed by 52% of British people.

Local trains services certainly need upgrading and filling all Britain’s pot-holes would – according to the AA – cost £12bn. Both these things would be far better infrastructure investments, than wasting £75bn to cut journey times between London and Birmingham by 20 minutes.

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