Leke AdebayoAccount Director
ReadDillon UK

After years working as a corporate lawyer in the City of London, Leke has become a strategic consultant in the areas of politics, development, philanthropy, corporate, entertainment and also freelances as a writer and interviewer.
As a consultant, he has worked for Africa 10 (an entertainment and philanthropic entity) devising their strategic framework and for the Clinton Foundation providing advocacy and fund-raising support. Leke has also raised money for Centrepoint, the UK charity for homeless youth which has Prince William as its patron.

Leke has written articles for TMP Online and Think Africa Press about politics in Nigeria, how Ghana should manage its newly-found oil and the whole China/Africa relationship. He has interviewed Duncan Goose, the Founder of Global Ethics and the One Brand which creates products for the market-place, the profits of which are used to carry out like-for-like projects in the developing world.