Scotland staring into the abyss

September 9, 2014

Scottish Referendum

Scotland may be sleep-walking into separation and the blame-game has already started. As a disenfranchised Edinburgh-born, but now living-in-England Scot, I feel sadness, anger, impotence, incredulity and despair about the prospect of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. I’m sure there are many others in similar circumstances who feel the same. But where’s it gone wrong […]

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How ReadDillon helped the BBC do justice to Mandela’s funeral

January 21, 2014

Death has its challenges, but planning for the BBC global broadcast of the funeral of Nelson Mandela had more than most. Having served as special adviser to the BBC since the time of the first democratic elections and inauguration of President Mandela in 1994, my consultancy was to provide background research, secure VIP guests and […]

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